What Is A Piezoelectric Sensor? Explain Its Working And Specification

Sensors are mostly used to detect the different types of physical quantities that come from the environment. These input or physical quantities are light, motion, vibrations, pressure, etc.

The pzt sensors that work on the piezoelectricity principles is known as the piezoelectric sensor. In this, piezoelectricity is the phenomenon that generates electricity if there is mechanical stress applied to the material.

The person can experience several different types of piezoelectric materials available naturally. Therefore, it can be used for several different purposes. But one thing that you need to know is not all the materials have piezoelectric characteristics.


  • The piezoelectric sensor commonly measures the physical quantities: pressure and Acceleration. It works on the same principle, and the main difference between them is the force applied to the sense of the element.
  • A thin membrane is placed on the massive base that helps transfer the applied force to the piezoelectric element. After that, it gets charged and starts generating the electric voltage.


  • The piezoelectric sensors have different basic characteristics of piezoelectric sensors are the range of measurement, sensitivity, and reliability. It will help in measuring the limits of the sensor.
  • The sensor has the high flexibility quartz preferred the most because that offers better performance. It also has a low soldering temperature. The temperature it has is between -30°C – +70°C and prevents the sensor from degradation.