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International Journal of Educational Research in Enterprise and Social Sciences, vol. Roy, G, Datta, B and Basu, R Trends and future directions in online marketing research. Saura, JR, Palos-Sanchez, PR and Suarez, LMC 2017. Understanding the digital advertising setting with KPIs and web analytics. Shahibi, MS, Azia, FA, Mara, S and Alam, U 2017. The impact of smartphones that influence the compulsive utilization among college students. Journal of Direct, Data and Digital Marketing Practices, Omori Merch vol. The evolution of the advertising mix. Worldwide Journal of Electrical and Pc Engineering Systems, vol. Journal of Web Commerce, vol. Science Journal of Enterprise and Administration, vol. Google Play now solely sells Google Play Apps, Music, Motion pictures & Television, Books, and Newsstand. The amazing platform makes awesome custom sneakers & clothes merchandise and sells excessive-high quality merchandise people love, with no cost or threat.