Commit Mental is the remake of India’s much-loved web series Permanent Roommates

A long-distance relationship is tough to maintain. Having a long-distance itself creates a state of fear in the minds of any couple dating today. Although many people are good enough to keep their long-distance relationships wholeheartedly, some find it challenging to maintain them. The life they live is callous as they stay far from each other and cannot meet frequently. The only way they stay connected is through phones or social media accounts. It is effortless to see your better half with advanced technology even if you are far away through video calls. You can now feel their presence even if they are far away from you. You can stream commitmentalwebseries online on aha app.

One such web series on a long-distance relationship is streaming on Aha- OTT platform in the Telugu language. The story is about Anu and Phani, who are in a long-distance relationship for three years. Their relationship is long-distance because Phani lives in The United States. He returns to India and is very eager to marry his girlfriend, Anu. He surprises her by proposing a marriage proposal. Anu gets surprised and not in a state of what to do? Whether to accept the request or not? Phani is eager to marry Anu, but Anu is not confident and feels he is rushing things. So they both talk and decide to talk to Anu’s father. Anu lives in a flat with her friend Ritu, and the landlord does not allow Phani to live with them in the flat. Lakshman takes Phani to another place so that he can stay somewhere. Eight people have already shared the site Lakshman took Phani to.

Anu and Phani plan to get them a new flat to live together and understand each other before a lifelong commitment. While they were searching for a flat, they came across Phani’s childhood friend Pathik. They come to know that Pathik is marrying his girlfriend, but both of them are getting into conflicts as their marriage is approaching. Anu and Phani try to help Pathik and his girlfriend, but a sudden twist takes place, and they put their relationship in danger. Anu is now not so sure about her relationship with Phani. It comes to a conclusion that it is better to part now itself than living a life filled with arguments and sufferings, but it was too late for them to stay apart now as Anu gets pregnant, and they end up planning their wedding without knowing what future has in store for them.

So, you can watch this story of the ups and down in the long-distance relationship between Anu and Phani on Aha anytime. The web series is the remake of the Hindi web series Permanent Roommates. Why wait to watch this romantic web series online? Just open Aha and enjoy this story of lovebirds.